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Three cheers for the Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas(ABGA) which recently received its not-for-profit status.

Bothmer August 2018 - Bothmer Gymnastics is thriving in the Americas! 

Two concurrent trainings took place at the Spacial Dynamics Institute in upstate New York during the first week of August: Part 2 of a course to become a Bothmer® Gymnast, and an intensive certification process for those with long-time experience teaching Bothmer Gymnastics to become certified Bothmer Gymnastics® Trainers. The course was taught by Jaimen McMillan, former co-director of the Graf Bothmer Schule für Gymnastik Stuttgart, e.V., and directed by the Board of the Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas: Katie Moran, Dr. John Takacs, and Michael Lansky.


There were 15 candidates to become Trainers; of these 9 received the status of Bothmer Trainer for the Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas.The others are well in process. 25 applicants received their diplomas as Bothmer Gymnasts. Below: This wonderful group in SDI's gym; and Katie Moran, ABGA's president, and Dr. John Takacs, vice-president, sign the Bothmer diplomas for ABGA. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to achieve these goals and recognitions! 

ABGA was the diploma granting body for this momentous event. 

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