Upcoming Trainings

The Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas and the Spacial Dynamics Institute are teaming up to offer this exciting possibility to steep yourself in the discipline of Bothmer Gymnastics®

The hard work you have done on the Bothmer exercises over all these years has qualified you to attend this intensive and has brought you within the reach of certification as a Bothmer® Gymnast.



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Part I: January 7-10, 2018

We have packaged this pair of advanced, intensive modules in twin courses in such a way that you can go through all the Bothmer exercises in the first session, go home and practice for six months, and then come back in the second session to deepen your ability and understanding.

Part II: August 1-4, 2018

In Part II, we will add the finishing touches.
If you choose, you can take a shot at the certification exam.