The Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas is entrusted with the trademarks Bothmer Gymnastics and Bothmer in the United States, Canada, and China, and shares in the legal rights and the responsibility for quality assurance.

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Katie Moran, President of the Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in the Americas, is a Movement Educator with over 20 years’ experience. 

Katie works daily with children from the first through the 12 grades. This practical pedagogical experience led her to see the wisdom in the age-appropriate Bothmer exercises.

Katie employs Bothmer Gymnastics in her movement, games, and sports classes at the Austin Waldorf School. Katie is a master instructor in the Spacial Dynamics trainings, and as a certified Bothmer Gymnastics Instructor, teaches Bothmer Gymnastics within the SDI trainings.

For the past 10 years, Katie has been a co-director of Cirque-Kids, which reaches out to under-served children. She is a key member of the Hands in Peace organization, and works world-wide to bring enlivened movement to children of all ages.


Dr. John Takacs, Vice-President of the ABGA, has been a board-certified family practice and occupational medicine physician for over 30 years. John is a senior Level III instructor within the Spacial Dynamics Institute. He and his wife, Dr. Joan Takacs, lead a clinic in Portland Oregon, that has a strong Spacial Dynamics movement therapy base.

John is a certified Bothmer Gymnastics practitioner, and has been a long-time champion of Bothmer Gymnastics. He financed and published the German book “Gymnastiche Erziehung” from Fritz Graf von Bothmer, under the title “Gymnastic Education”, thus helping make this discipline available for English speaking world.

As a master in the discipline of Projective and Spacial Morphology, John uses the pristine, geometrical character of Bothmer Gymnastics, and the process- oriented, inversional qualities in Spacial Dynamics, to make the theoretical concepts of Projective Morphology, a living experience and reality for the students.

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Michael Lansky, Secretary & Treasurer of the ABGA, is a Certified Bothmer Gymnastics practitioner.

Michael is the founder and CEO of Terra Breads in Vancouver, British Columbia, a leading artisan-bread bakery in Canada. Prior to founding Terra Breads in 1993, Michael practiced business law and then became an executive with a major commercial real estate development corporation.

Michael supports movement and sports, food quality and security, social contribution, and cultural exchange. He is a Spacial Dynamics Level III instructor and a Board Member of Hands in Peace, USA and Hands in Peace, Canada (Chair).

Michael has witnessed the positive impact that Bothmer Gymnastics has on the students within the Spacial Dynamics trainings. He joins his colleagues on the AGBA Board in their commitment to assure that Bothmer Gymnastics® and Spacial Dynamics® flourish, side by side, as separate and complementary movement disciplines.